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Kunshan sai'ao Electronic Co., Ltd., is a professional engaged in: self-adhesive labels, bar code labels, tags, high temperature labels, label, special anti-fake label manufacturing; sales of barcode printers, Barcode software, barcode scanning gun, data collector, bar code machine carbon with bar code equipment and supplies business.

The main production equipment: 240 trademark machine two sets, 150 trademark machine two sets, two sets of cutting machine, UV machine, silk machine, industrial barcode printer and other equipment to taiwan.

Companies adhere to the "customer first, service first" principle, pay attention to quality, the pursuit of efficiency has established with Kunshan, Suzhou, Shanghai, Wujiang and a number of enterprises and institutions, in the long-term, good business relationship.

We believe that all employees in the company's efforts, will go hand in hand with the customer, create brilliant

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