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 PET label
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PET is the acronym for polyester film, actually it is a polymer material. PET has good hard and brittle, the color common with the Asian Development Bank, Asian white, white and so are several. According to the thickness of a 25-Fan (1 fan = 1um), 50 fold, 75 fold, and other specifications, which require the actual manufacturer. Because PET excellent dielectric properties, good dirt, scratch-resistant, high temperature and other properties, it is widely used in a variety of special occasions, such as cell phone batteries, computer monitors, air-conditioning compressors. In addition, PET sheet has good natural biodegradable, has drawn attention to the manufacturer. Dedicated barcode printers need to use roll-type adhesive label paper.
Barcode printers print thermal and thermal transfer methods are two ways to use the label is not the same. Thermal methods require the use of specialized thermal label paper, and heat transfer method using ordinary labels can be, but need to use ribbon.
As dedicated barcode printers structural constraints, its label must be a way to roll, bar code label printers generally rely interval transmitting portions or pre-printed black marks on the label to identify the boundary. For transmission mode identification tag is concerned, are generally used translucent glassine backing paper to ensure the printer can correctly detect the label gap.
Tag size is generally free to customize, but it should be noted that the requirements of different models of printers roll axis diameter and the maximum diameter is different, because while individual printer label sensor in a fixed position, it may not be printed double- row label.

Barcode label products:
Calender writing paper, offset paper labels: Multipurpose label paper for an information label, bar code printing labels, particularly for high speed laser printing, ink-jet printing also apply
Coated Label: Universal multi-color product labels labels for medicines, food, edible oil, wine, beverages, electrical appliances, stationery information label
Thermal paper stickers: For the price tags and other retail uses and other information label

Thermal transfer paper stickers: Suitable for microwave ovens, scales machines, label printers print labels
Removable adhesive, Water Wash: particularly suitable for tableware, household appliances, fruits and other information labels. After peeling sticker products without leaving any traces
Coated paper, glossy coated paper, PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PET (PP): resistant to water, oil and chemical properties of the more important items such as product labels for toiletries, cosmetics, electrical appliances, machinery products, especially for high-tech products resistant information label.

Label Industry:
Electronics: printed circuit boards, nameplates, overwrite protection, metal and other labels.
Packaging: Jimmy Tau, postal parcels and letters packaging, transportation of goods label, envelope address.
Appliances: mobile phones, appliances, laptops, electronic products label.
Goods: price, product description, shelves, barcode, medicines.
Management: books, vehicle inspection, security, property.
Office: File documents, archives, various items and stationery.
Production: raw materials, labeling, processing, product labeling, product labeling, inventory management.
Chemical industry: paint marking materials, gasoline, oil products, packaging labeling and various special solvent products.
Security: security, encryption, anti-theft tags.
Jewelry: jewelry tag, easy to paste the tag on the product label.
Clothing: Clothing cardboard, textile.
Airport: boarding pass, luggage label.
Tickets: train, bus tickets.
Other occasions: parking tickets, highway toll tickets.
Label products penetrated into various industries, self-adhesive labels and RFID tags will be its unique advantages and innovative applications in various fields well developed. Specific needs please contact the company, ordering: 1, label size 2, label material 3, special requirements 4, using the occasion to be customized or mail samples and let our technical staff for your confirmation.
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