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 Consumers Yinlong tag
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Consumers Yinlong labels, 25 Fan Consumers Yinlong label 50 Fan Consumers Yinlong labels, Avery labels Silver Dragon (finished), made rich state Consumers Yinlong tags

A heat-resistant, with excellent dimensional stability, easy to cut and tear off type. Mask With waterproof, tear-resistant and other characteristics. For a variety of printing equipment.

Applications: suitable for electronic parts, electrical appliances, transformers, plastic containers marked bicycle frame decoration


Types of labels

Coated Paper:

Material features: non-waterproof, anti-oil, can be torn, there is matte, PROCON, the light of the points Scope: Carton labels, price labels, asset management records, and other common household appliances body stickers for ribbons: Full Wax / Wax tree · Optional materials: NTC glassine coated, NTC yellow coated paper, coated paper imports Avery (both glassine)

Thermal paper:

Material features: non-waterproof, anti-oil, can tear Scope: more labels for supermarket electronic scale, chemical laboratories and other applicable ribbon: You can use the ribbon · Optional materials unworthy: NTC thermal paper

Tag / jam:

· Material properties: not waterproof, anti-oil, can tear Scope: clothing, footwear, supermarkets and shopping malls price tag for ribbon: Full Wax / Wax tree Optional materials: NTC 210 克 tag, NTC 250 g tag, NTC 300 克 tag, NTC 350 克 tag, NTC 500 克 tag (g degrees according to the actual demand for production)

PET / PVC / Synthetic Paper:

Material properties: waterproof, anti-oil, non-tear, heat, abrasion, there are matte, PROCON, light of the points (different material temperature resistance, oil resistance, waterproof vary) Scope: Electronics , appliance, automotive, chemical and other industries PET: toughness, strong, crisp and hard, smooth surface suitable for identification of items PVC: poor toughness, flexibility and adhesion, applicable to non-flat surface for identification of items Synthetic Paper : toughness in between for items identified with the surface of the bottle for ribbon: required to use full resin ribbon (subdivided according to the label material with ribbon model)

Water Mark:

Also known as "washing cloth" wash cloth "Material characteristics: After repeated washing, can prevent oil Scope: clothing, footwear, leather goods and other industries for ribbon: required to use full resin ribbon
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