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How to buy bar code label printers
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How to choose the bar code label printers do? Optional bar code label printers should pay attention to the following points to be able to buy for your product. (A) the amount determined according to the print model if your print volume one day not more than 4000, we recommend that you purchase ordinary commercial type (some known as office-type) printers, commercial printers and ribbon paper capacity of smaller capacity, the whole product small and exquisite appearance, it will fit on office space, does not occupy space, and printing and print quality can meet the demand. If your requirement one day more than 4000 labels, we recommend that you buy industrial-type printers, printer mainly because of industrial-type structure made of steel, which can accommodate large rolls and large length ribbon, in life and harsh environments, has excellent performance, is the right choice for large plants. (2) select the model according to the print quality If your application requires high places on the print quality, such as jewelery, mobile phone or printed on a smaller label requirements, it is recommended that you use 300DPI printers, other general Mai header label use 200DPI can. (3) According to the software needs to select most of the models currently on the market can only use one print printer language, such as zebra or datamax, etc., can only use their own print command can not be compatible with each other, if we can purchase Consider language compatibility, improved to a greater extent on the printer using the occasion. (4) Depending on your type of bar code to be printed and select the desired quality models currently on the market most of the bar code label printers can only print using one language, such as zebra or datamax, etc., can only use their own print command is not compatible with each other, if we can consider when choosing language compatibility, improved to a greater extent on the printer using the occasion, some of the machines can now print language and compatible with a lot of other machines using barcode printing applications. And now, with the two-dimensional barcode (PDF417, QR code, Maxicode) widespread use, and other special one-dimensional bar codes (EAN 8, 050102 EAN 13, Codabar, Code 39 Standard, Code 39 Extended, ode 93 Standard, Code 93 Extended , Code 128, AbcCodabar, 2/5 Datalogic, Code25, 2 of 5, Code 11, Code25, 2 of 5, ITF, Code25, 2/5 Matrix, Code25, 2/5 Industrial, Code25, 2/5 IATA, Code25 , 2/5 INVERT, ITF6, ITF14, ITF16, I, I, ISMN, UPC-A, UPC-E0, UPC-E1, UPC-Shi ing, PostNet, OPC, UCC / EAN 128) are used, also requires the printer The print quality is different, these are the models you choose the factors to be considered. (5) Select in the country to set up a formal base products have many products are only in the country to sell to dealers, agents are likely principal business is not what you want to buy the product, or technical support agents not enough and so we recommend that you have to look for a formal presence in the domestic brands. (6) selection can provide full service dealer some dealers, known all printer products they are able to offer, in fact, for consumers, this is not the most important, consumers need should be the distribution supplier for a certain kind of products, technical support, service and supporting a full range of related products is able to provide, for example, with printer supplies is a very important reference should be to select a printer at the same time, require dealers to provide both This printer consumables related to the right, because some inappropriate supplies and bar code label printer may not be able to produce the perfect mix of prints.
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