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Label four big run large knowledge
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For stickers, I believe we are no longer strangers, but it has the knowledge to understand how much? Following on with a
Check it out!
First, the correct labeling methods:
1, the temperature should be appropriate labeling
2, labeling, to give the proper pressure, so as to exert pressure sensitive adhesive paste performance.
3, after labeling of objects to be stored at an appropriate temperature a certain time, so that the flow of pressure sensitive adhesive has a paste time.
Second, self-adhesive printed labels Storage Precautions:
1, to be stored at an appropriate temperature, the temperature is too high, the rubber will overflow, or to penetrate the paper in the end. Affect print and normal peeling
Be used.
2, have the proper humidity, high humidity, will make labels damp, affect the use of labels to use. Too low humidity causes
Layer dry, also affect the label pasted.
3, the labels should be flat, avoid being affected by extrusion.
Third, the common phenomenon of incorrect use of labels:
1, in the low temperature environment labeling, after some time, the label automatically tilt
2, the label at normal temperature after labeling immediately transferred to a low temperature environment, making glue labels to be affixed no flow
, The label automatically tilt.
3, the label stored at high temperature, an overflow layer label, label printing, the print quality. Affect label peel.
4, label improper storage, damp or dry, affecting the normal use of labels.
5, label compression deformation, affecting label printing and normal use.
Four, paste Precautions:
1, a suitable working environment is guaranteed pasting pasting the basic effect.
2, the work should be prepared before pasting, hands should be clean; avoid dust, sweat, water, viscous and losses affect the appearance.
3, to be affixed to the surface to keep clean; oil, water, dust granule material will affect the adhesion of labels down, this is the case
Necessary with water, alcohol, dry cloth for cleaning before being affixed label.
4, paste, the operator's fingers do not touch the glue as part of, or clean your hands after contact with a small area of the corner labels, avoid
Free weakened label pasted force.
5, the paste action once completed, to avoid pasting process found nothing wrong position opened again re-paste.
6, paste is complete, use a clean finger pressed uniform.
7, labels 24 hours after reaching the maximum value from stickiness.
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